Your Entire Internet Business and Traffic Generation Success Starts From One Shocking Point – Part 4

Have you ever thought content creation is a huge headache and a big pain in the butt. Sitting hours in front of the monitor, reading and researching content, then putting it down on a notepad typing and typing (making it worst if your typing speed is slow) and then proof reading and editing for possible grammatical mistakes.

I know it's tough, I have been there. But there has to be some solution. A solution that sets you free from researching content and getting you started in the world of article marketing.

In this article you will learn how to create quality content at rapid speed. With these tactics you will learn how to create quality content that you can use on your website and publish them in ezines.

Using these same tips I have managed to create around 12 articles in a day. Can you imagine the kind of exposure that you could receive writing 12 articles per day. That adds upto 360 articles per month which will give you thousands of incoming links, free lifetime traffic and get your bank account filled up with cold hard cash with all the sales and profits you make on the way.

Lots of blah blah … now lets get started.

You can accomplish this goal by grabbing quality PLR articles in your niche. PLR stands for 'Private Label Right' articles.

This simply means that you purchase a bunch of articles where you get complete copyright to the content. You can just post this article on the internet with your resource boxactact.

The problem with PLR articles is that many website owners may be using these same articles which can result in duplicate content.

What you have to do is grab these PLR ​​articles and modify them to make them unique. It is easier than you think. Here are some steps that you can take immediately to modify a PLR article and make them unique.

1. Create a new headline for the article.

2. Create a two to three line introduction paragraph for the article.

3. Convert the article in points or steps format. Give each step step or point a sub headline.

4. Give a closure paragraph for your article.

5. You can make some changes in the sentences in the article.

For example: "Make sure you market you product on the Internet to produce huge profits"

The above sentence can also be written as …

"Internet is one of the best ways to market your products and services to produce huge profitability"

Just apply the above 5 tactics and I am sure you will get a well written unique piece of article in front of you within 30 minutes.

Give 5 to 6 hours every day and I am sure you can produce some serious quality content for your website and ezine.

You can easily hunt for quality PLR articles in your niche using Just search for "PLR xxx" or "Private Label Rights xxx" on the search engine. Make sure you replace xxx with your niche keyword.

It is as simple as that. Make sure you apply information laid down in this article and see your website traffic explode. You can thank me later.

Source by Murtuza Abbas

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