Women Can Be GREAT Bartenders Too

Some people might have the misconception that bartending is mainly for men but I believe that there could be and probably are, just as many women bartending now days as there are men. It is an awesome career to get into or just a good, fun job to have for some extra income. Many people start out just doing it on the side, along with a daytime career of their choice, just for getting the chance to meet new, interesting people or just to have some extra income, to help them out with all of the expenses that go along with daily living, or to pay off some old debts. Whatever reason that has been chosen to become a bartender, I am almost positive that your bartending job is fulfilling you in every way and it has brought you plenty of extra income, to help you out in life.

There are so many people that think that hiring a female as a bartender would not be a great idea, because of concerns about the male customers that are drinking, maybe hitting on the woman or even harassing her. I could understand that but as long as you have a well established place of business and do not tolerate misbehavior such as that, it should never be a big concern because your customers are just not like that. Your bartenders that you have hired, male or female, are professional in every way, and provide your customers with good, fast, quality service, therefore most of your customers will show their appreciation by leaving wonderful tips for the bartender and would never dream of causing any kind of trouble in your bar.

If you are managing a bar and considering doing some hiring, you should probably just keep in mind that the bartender that you choose to hire for your business, will strictly be based on professionalism, skills behind the bar and experience preferred but not necessary and you should not base it on whether or not they are male or female. Both male and female bartenders can provide your customers with the best service and have the ability to make your customers very happy, which is good for your business, it makes you money and they will have the opportunity to make really good money if they do a good enough job. If they are not good enough and you do not sense happiness with all of your customers, then perhaps you need to consider replacing your bartender, maybe even replace that male bartender with a highly professional, skillful woman bartender.

Bartending is an interesting and exciting field to get into, for both males and females, it is not a job for everybody but if you feel that you have what it takes to be a fantastic bartender but just are not sure how to go about becoming one, get on the internet. The internet has so much helpful information and can guide you in the right direction that you need to be in, in order to become the bartender that you have always wanted to be.

Source by Adebola Oni

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