Why Skillful Agents Gain Over Naive and Fresher Ones?

If you are in training department of a call center, you may have experienced the dismay to see that yet one another batch falls short of expected category. Due to the always needed workforce, HR has to keep recruiting them and training department has to take them through to product level.

From the assessment to final training round, the hired group keep lagging behind and lacking the strongest part of being an agent–Skills. The newly recruited agents could be either naive or have some attitude and personality problems that are not deemed as fit for Customer Support Executive job.

After taking some calls, they realize that a calling job is much more than just answering on phone and resolving queries. Interactions with some furious customers make them nervous and furious. Frustrated they, leave their job in no time. This leads to increased costs and attrition in a call center and hampers the progress of project as well.

At this point, training may not be the one to blame. The first initial step of recruitment is what that went wrong and awry. If only, the HR team has applied right assessment tool to measure and analyze the aptitude of agents, the agents would have been tailored fit into the work schedule easily.

Skillful agents can handle ounces of work-pressure without being panicked or stressed. They can put in the smart work that is required to deal with varied range of projects and portfolio across the industry verticals.

Be it an inbound call center or an outbound one, skill call center agents are needed to execute and implement a quality performance strategy across all levels of work. The expertise and credibility of call center outsourcing very much depends on the level of skills that agents hold.

Here, being naive or inexperienced agents imply the lack of learning and understanding of responsibility. Skills can be learned through training but the ability or desire to learn cannot be imparted. An inexperienced agent can be the best performer on the floor, given he is willing to learn what he is being taught in the training and absorb the learning he will gain in his practical life as an agent.

Source by Morris Jane

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