What Office Stationery Do You Really Need?

No matter whether you run a multinational company, or are self employed, you'll need plenty of office stationery to make sure that you keep your business running smoothly.

1. You'll want plenty of printer paper, for your laser or inkjet printer. In addition, if you're printing out photographs, you'll want plenty of photo printer paper too, for the best results.

2. You'll want to make sure that you have plenty of toner cartridges, for your laser printer. You might use it all day everyday, or you might just use it for printing invoices, however, if you have not got spare cartridge, you can guarantee that it will run out when you need it most.

3. Having a good supply of inkjet cartridges will ensure that you can keep on printing. Your printer might use different cartridges for each color, as well as black, so you'll need to have a full set, just in case.

4. Notepads are really useful, and you'll be using them for all sorts of things, from taking meeting notes, to writing down ideas while on the train, and storing your own notes and ideas while on the phone too.

5. You and your staff will be lost without your diaries. Your sales staff will not know what time and where their appointments are, and your personnel staff will not be able to work out holidays, or days off, or when and at what times customers and clients are due in. With a choice of pocket diaries and desktop diaries, you'll have plenty to choose from.

6. Pens and pencils are really personal, and although you might like a certain sort, not everyone does, and the cheapest pens are not always nice to write with. If you have a lot of staff, you'll want to make sure that they have nice pens, and that there are always plenty of pens around for visitors.

7. Scissors, and sticky tape and all the other odds and ends of office products that you do not realize you have not got until you need them. You might want glue sticks, rulers, pencil cases, erasers and staplers too.

8. Folders and ring binders are the ideal way to keep your paperwork and documents organized, so that you know where they are, and they stay safe. Why not make sure that your staff have all the folders and ring binders they need to keep their sales literature, product information and brochures to hand?

9. You'll use lots of envelopes every month, whether you're just sending out invoices at the end of the month, or sending out hundred of letters to customers daily. You'll want to make sure that you have window envelopes, A4 envelopes and padded envelopes too.

10. Sticky notes will be used all over the office, and by all staff. Whether it's for taking notes from phone calls, reminders on your desk, or for use as bookmarks, you'll find lots of uses for your sticky notes.

Now you know more about what you need for your business, have you got all the office stationery you really need?

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