What Green Jobs and Welding Have in Common

For the green collar worker, right now welding is the best career choice and will be even more so in the near future! Welders are not only building the backbone of today's green industries, but they are also helping the not-so-green industries clean up their technology by building pollution controls and maintaining the world's pipelines; Pipelines that we can no longer live without! Welding, as green jobs go, may not seem like the obvious answer, but the reality is that no matter what green industry you choose, welders will be in demand, and making the big money.

Welding is so important to green energy solutions that companies like Fluor run their own welding schools for experienced welders who are also prospective employees in order to test their skills! Fluor has been on the cutting edge when it comes to energy solutions for almost 100 years and knows how important welders are to their industry. Here is a company that is providing new green energy solutions worldwide and the only shortage they have is in the welding department.

Why not make a difference in the world by helping it go clean and green? Go after the one not-so-obvious, well-paying career choice as a welder. Not sure? How about the ability to make six figures a year without a college degree? Not only will you make great money, but you will also have the time to enjoy it, you'll travel the world, be responsive for what you can do and not who you know, and still help the world be a cleaner, greener, Better place!

Source by David Zielinski

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