The Importance and Purpose of Business Letters

Business letters are one of the ways for any business to communicate with all of its stake holders. These stake holders may include customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, management, government and the public in general. Business letters are the life blood of communication for any business. There are many types of business letters in use. Many people thought that letter would be a thing of the past once the email and other technology seep into the offices. This notion has so far been proven false because they are still in wide use and their importance hasn’t been diminished to the slightest. There are many reasons why we usually write business letters. Some of the most common and the obvious reasons for using them are given below.

We write letters to persuade any of the stakeholders by trying to convince through logic. These letters usually address with intent to convince the addresser regarding the issue under discussion. We also write articles to express our opinion or to intimate anyone regarding an issue. This may be to our customers as well as to management or any one we wish to inform anything about. Business letter is also written to remind someone regarding an important issue under going discussion or a process. Business letters are also a very good way to follow up a marketing a leading that is very important for the business to follow. Business letters play a very vital role in business proposals being accepted or rejected. Usually business proposals are given by writing letters and also accepted the same way.

Businesses usually recommended this way on other ways to recommend or reject a proposal. The main reason for writing letters for acceptance and rejection of proposals is that it becomes solid evidence and any party later on can claim any other party against the breach of a said contract. This preference of using them over other modern ways of communication for proposal acceptances and rejections is likely to continue for some time because courts systems really started recognizing other means. Though there have been some instances, but it becomes difficult while using other means.

They can also work as a very good tool for introducing any new things or individuals to the organization. The meeting out comes and other important announcements are also made through the use of business letters. The wide use of this communication tool is still prevailing due to their low cost and ease of use.

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