Supply Chain, A New Concept in India – A Success Story of the India Supply Chain Council

The Concept of Supply Chain in India is a new concept if not unofficially at least officially. India Supply Chain Council has been a pioneer in this here in India in popularizing the concept in India. The organization in its two years of existence has been very successful in its endeavor. What is supply chain all about and why is it so important in today's global business activities. Supply Chain returns to the distribution channel of a product, from its sourcing, to its delivery to the end consumer (also known as the value chain). The supply chain is typically comprised of multiple companies who are increasingly coordinating activities via an extranet.

According to Wikipedia the channelization of supply chain is done through supply chain management. The Wikipedia defines "Supply chain management (SCM) is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the operations of the supply chain with the purpose to satisfy customer requirements as efficiently as possible. Supply chain management spans all movement and storage of raw material, Work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point-of-origin to point-of-consumption. "

The term supply chain management was first coined by consultant Keith Oliver, of strategy consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton in 1982. The Booz Allen Hamilton puts forward, "Supply Chain Management encompasses the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, conversion, And logistics management activities. Importantly, it also includes coordination and collaboration with channel partners, which can be suppliers, intermediaries, third-party service providers, and customers. In essence, Supply Chain Management integrates supply and demand management within and across companies "

In the Indian case supply chain as a concept has become popular due to the hard work of a single network the India Supply Chain Council which today is the only official organization to popularize it within the different business homes in India as well as within the different machineries Of the Indian government. This organization in India is actually a part of a much larger entity named the Global Supply Chain Council and its sister outfit in China is the China Supply Chain Council.

The mother entity and the Chinese company was founded by Max Henry a graduate from the France ISG Business School and is the Executive Director of the China Supply Chain Council. The China Supply Chain Council has emerged over the last couple of years as one of the largest Supply Chain Entity in China with operations in Tokyo, Singapore, Hongkong, Taipei, Bangkok, Beijing and Shanghai.

The Indian Operation of the India Supply Chain Council is headed by Abhijit Shivekar who is also its director. Shivekar holds a Masters Degree in Graphic Arts and Communications from EFPG, INPG, France. He also holds a Masters Degree in Marketing and International Management Grenoble, France. With wide range and many years of experience from Man Roland, Augsburg, Germany and DHJ Selestat, France Shivekar Started the India Supply Chain Council single handedly with support and help from its sister concern in China. Today due to him the India Supply Chain Council is emerging as a brand name in India with wide variation recognition from different business and media houses in India and abroad. The Council has also been registered as a official body here in India.

The Popularity of Supply Chain in general and India Supply Chain Council in particular can be gauged from the fact that google, yahoo, MSN and others takes most of its informations about supply chain in India from this organization and the website of this organization has the highest Number of visitors in Google and yahoo almost daily.

In its first ever India Supply Chain Summit here in India recently on the 1st of March 2007 at the Oberoi in New Delhi organized by the India Supply Chain Council which was a grand success was attended by at least 32 top level national and international business homes with CEO's, Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Heads etc. attending it with presentations and deliberations about the different aspects of Supply Chain and Logistics in India, Its achievements and its problem areas. Some of the top level companies which were represented in this conference were Goodyear, Wipro, Redprairie Asia Pacific, Caterpillar Logistics and so on. Also represented in this Summit was media houses like the Pioneer, CNN-IBN 7 and so on.

This summit taking place just a day after the presentation of the Union Budget assumes all the more significance as the Finance Minister of India has announced a series of measures in its annual budget for pegging up the industrial growth rate further. He has announced incentives like 5 years tax holidays for hoteling and tourism sectors, more incentives for banking and financial institutions and so on. With a small beginning towards the concept of Supply Chain in India a new beginning has been made and this might lead to huge steps in future. With already a successful organization like the India Supply Chain Council well established in India now its seem the future of Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management India has a rosy days ahead and its sees the boom time of supply chain in India has already started.

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