Streamline Paperwork With Electronic Medical Records Solutions

With all the documentation and privacy demands on the modern medical office, there is now an easy way to maximize information management, comply with HIPAA and safeguard files from damage or loss. IT professionals have developed systems for online document management and storage that provide many different services tailored to the needs of the office.

Understanding the team approach to medical treatment, these systems enable up to 1000 people to have access to patient files. That access is controlled by means of login credentials, passwords and specific permission to access certain files. In other words, the user manager determines who needs to have access to what parts of the patient’s file. Billing would not be able to see medical records, scheduling only has access to calendars and those involved in direct patient care have access to charts, test results and other pertinent information.

The versatility and user-friendliness of these online file sharing systems provides tremendous benefits to the user. Most importantly, all records including scanned versions of paper documents are stored electronically in familiar file and folder formats. All information is accessible from any computer or mobile electronic device and can be viewed and discussed among and edited by team members in various locations. The levels of permission allow some members to write notes and comments without others being able to see them. Records of access are maintained so there is always a record of entry and activity in the files and specific documents. Reminders and alerts assist in maintaining schedules that optimize flow of patient care.

The IT professionals set up the system for the office adapting to the normal routine as much as possible. After all hard copies have been scanned and entered along with any electronic data, the office staff is taken through the process step by step to ensure their comfort with the system that will provide easier, more accurate document management and filing. Bar codes accurately identify every patient and any records that pertain to him or her.

Another feature of this type of electronic management system is the ability to save emails and IMs by simply clicking on them and forwarding them to the storage files so they can be viewed later. That saves the embarrassment or complications of losing a message or not being able to receive it because of a full inbox. Easy retrieval allows for handling all messages quickly and efficiently without the loss of information.

The advantages of these systems are tremendous and enable the medical team to provide even better patient care. The patient benefits from professionals and those professionals benefit from modern electronic medical records solutions.

Source by Doug Thaler

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