Shrink Belly Fat the Fast Way

If you are looking to shrink belly fat fast then you will need to make some sacrices. The sacrifice most people make is to "go on a diet" and drastically reduce calorie consumption. This leads to serious problems. There are many faster and easier ways to get rid of belly fat.

Why conventional diets will never get rid of belly fat

Conventional diets rely on a flawed formula. The formula is simple, cut calories and lose weight. This sounds nice in theory and looks to work at first, however your body is far more complex than this. No diet, relying solely on calorie reduction will work long term.

When you cut calories, you lose weight. Your body also realizes you are eating less calories. Your body is pretty smart and it gets worried about having enough calories to fulfill your daily needs. So it slows your metabolism down so you do not need as many calories to function. This results in your diet no longer working (except you cut more calories).

This process happens whenever you go on a diet and risks harming your body permanently.

The alternative

Instead of going on a diet, you need to combine a light exercise program and an eating plan. You are not going to cut calories.

Divide the total calories you consume each day by 6. The result will be the total calories you will eat during one of your 6 daily meals. Each of 6 meals should contain protein and carbohydrates. Eating this way means you will not become hungry and will not need to binge.

As for exercise, try walking at first. If you have an exercise bike or treadmill at home, even better. The goal is to exercise as often as possible to get into a routine.

Some of the benefits of the above plan are weight loss, improved concentration and alertness. Try this out for a week, you'll look and feel so much better.

Source by Nick Cruz

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