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About a month ago, I did a Reverse Phone Lookup for the first time in my life. Before this I had no idea such a thing existed. I did not even know what a 'Reverse Phone Book' was. And of course I did not know that phone books existed only for land phones. I also did not know that a national cell phone directory did not exist for the USA. This particular piece of information was definitely new for me. It was also kind of sad news for me and it did not make sense to me.

If there is no telephone directory for cellular phones how do people find each others mobile numbers? When I thought about it for a while, I realized that I had never searched for somebody's mobile number on a phonebook. Have you? Then when I started researching, I realized that wireless telephone numbers have been 'unlisted' or 'unpublished' for a very valid reason. Want to guess?

They have been 'unlisted' to keep the predators such as telemarketers and identity thieves from getting their hands on our personal details. So it is not just a random event that there are no mobile phone directories. Now it all started to make sense to me. Anyways, just because this information is not available to the general public like you and I (including telemarketers and identity thieves), does not mean that they (the law enforcement authorities and cellular companies) do not store these numbers. They do keep track of all the numbers, however they have kept it away from us. In other words, you can not access these directories openly, like the white pages or the yellow pages for land phones.

Third party 'services': Certain companies have been authorized to dig these numbers out of those electronic databases and we can access the information through these companies. As far as I could find out, these companies also have to pay for the information and in return we have to pay them if we need to trace a mobile number.

The shocking websites: The shocking websites that I was referring to promise to give you reverse information for free. But they only show a wee bit of information like the local area that the phone is registered to and if you want more specific information like the name and address of the person, you have to pull your credit card out. Some of these sites that promise you a 'free' service, in fact direct you to the most expensive sites on the web.

Conclusion: I could not find any website that gave you an actually 'free' service. Some of these 'free' services direct you to sites as expensive as $ 69. However there are a few sites that actually do the job for much less. They even offer a one year membership for an unlimited number of searches for a full year for a very reasonable rate.

Source by Shania W

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