Reconnecting With Your First Love – 5 Simple Steps

Reconnecting with your first love can be a magical thing. Maybe you left on bad terms, and would like to make things better now that it’s a few years down the road. Sometimes this is a bad decision, but you think this would be the best thing for the both of you. Even if she doesn’t want to date again you may re-ignite a lost friendship. Here I am going to show you 5 easy steps to getting back your first love:

Step 1: Lose the Fear – This is probably the easiest and most simple step of them all. Don’t sit there and ponder what kind of bad things can happen. You have to make the commitment to not be afraid. You have to take the viewpoint of what the positive outcomes can be by reconnecting with your first love.

Step 2: Try to understand what you want out of your relationship – Take a moment to think of what your real intentions are for reconnecting. Will this be the best for both of you? You have to understand if you are really ready to get back together.

Step 3: Locate where they are now – With the internet, this step is a lot easier than it was before. There are many free services available that allow you to locate a person. A very popular one that you can use is Yahoo! People Search. If you’re not successful with any of the free services there are also paid for services that you can use.

Step 4: Contact them – This may be the hardest step of them all. The best way to make the initial contact is either through phone or e-mail. This is the least intrusive way. Do not just suddenly show up at their doorstep. If the initial contact goes well, then make an invitation to talk at a separate time so they can have some time to think about you. This will give them an opportunity to discover if they really want to get back together.

Step 5: Be Truthful – On the second contact you want to make sure that you are truthful with them. Be very clear about your past. You have to be able to recognize that you may have made some mistakes and then forgive yourself. Let them know what you really want out of this reconnection.

Source by Jim Darby

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