Questions to Ask When Visiting Care Homes

There are an endless number of questions that you’ll have as you are visiting care homes that you’re considering living in. Asking as many as possible is great, but why not have a few that you always focus on so you can get consistent data from the places you visit?

Here are five questions you can ask at every facility you visit so that you can be sure to get answers for important questions

1. Are residents free to choose what they do?

Having activities and parties forced on you when you’d rather have a sit and read a book is a problem. It can lead to anxiety and depression very quickly. These are your retirement years and you should enjoy them exactly the way you want to. Maintain your independence and make sure that you’re free to make choices that are right for you.

2. Does the facility have the right certificates and accreditation?

Depending on the country you’re in, there are a number of organisations that endorse care homes for the quality of their service. This is your assurance that you’re choosing a great place to live. Take the time to discover what your local organizations are before asking this question.

3. How does this facility compare to others?

Doing some research online beforehand can help you find information such as rankings for health inspections, staffing levels, staffing hours and other self reported statistics. Take them to task on these issues if you’re not satisfied with one to see what their response is. One facility may have fewer staffing hours, but also have fewer residents.

4. What sort of restrictions are there?

This relates to the policies that all care homes determine on their own. This can include:

– the permittance of smoking

– visiting hours

– access to TV and phones

– roommate selection

– continued ability to see your own doctor

– pet allowance for visits or living in the facility

– how staff treat behaviour issues

The inclusion or exclusion of some of these can drastically alter your perception of a facility. If one home will allow your old dog Baxter, but another one will not, that can be a factor which improves your life. On the flip side, if you’re allergic to dogs you don’t want to select one which permits them for living or visiting.

5. What security and safety precautions are being used?

The medical attention given at care homes is often the most highly considered aspect. But what about the security and safety measures that keep accidents from happening? They should be a big factor in your choice as nearly every home will have excellent medical services, but not all will have preventative safety and security measures in place.

If you take the time to ask these five questions at all of the care homes you visit it will drastically improve your chance of finding the perfect fit for your happiness and satisfaction.

Source by Kyle Poole

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