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A movie treatment example can teach the art of movie treatment writing through example – more quickly and thoroughly than years of theoretical class-room drilling. Writing treatments for movies is a practical exercise and can not be learned through the medium of cramming knowledge contained within the covers of a textbook. Instead, if the writer is taught the basics of treatment writing, then given examples to observe and evaluate, there is bound to be a phenomenal positive difference in his learning curve. In fact, the more number of examples the person studies, the better his or her knowledge will be. A movie treatment example is a visual form of educating a creative writer.

Movies are motion pictures that convey a story. During the process of script writing for movies, treatment writing is one of the important steps. Aspiring screenplay writers often undergo formal training to compose movie treatment, which can assist the writer to stay focused and not skip any pivotal element of his story. The movie treatment also helps to market the idea and contemporary screenplay. A movie treatment example is a model that helps screenwriters write their own treatment. A professional movie treatment example will contain all the aspects and industry norms regarding the following:

• The format
• Its ideal length
• Terminology
• The structure, accentuation on certain points and bare reference to others
• Information to be included
• Language and grammar to be used
• Ways to make it as compelling and enjoyable as possible
• Its physical look, efficient use of white space

The function of a movie treatment example does not end there. It helps to generate novel ideas for the writer's own work. It gives him an insight into how he can do a more refined job. By observing the flaws, if any, the writer will typically be induced to seek methods of plugging or omitting them altogether. He may also incorporate the aspects that he likes into his own treatment. This is an invaluable source of learning.
Some of the places that a writer is most likely to find good examples are:

• Local libraries
• The Internet
• Large production houses, studios, agents
• Libraries of institutes running courses on performing arts and creative writing

The basic concepts that the writer had earlier imbibed will stand him in good stead now. He can visualize the theoretic concepts and give them a practical shape. The movie treatment example will act as a beacon of guiding light through the intricacies of the trade. The writer must try to read many examples but particularly those which have had success to back them. Treatments of movies that have been hit at the box office will certainly be worthy examples. A writer bought to create the same distinctiveness in the treatment he proposes to pen or bring improvement to his existing style of dealing with treatments. By comparing others' work with his own he can formulate plans to polish his literal skills.

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