Monster Customers Beware

You know the types … very demanding, expecting the cheapest prices in existence, and the first to mentally abuse you the minute you put your guard down.

Welcome to the Walmart mentality.

The big box chains have created absolute monsters for customers out there.

Unless you put YOUR foot down and train them how you work and what is expected of them if they want to remain a customer.

There was a fantastic, eye opening special on last night on Venture (a Canadian show for entrepreneurs). Showing example after example of customer's gone crazy and what impact it is having on the business community. Places like WamMart have trained people to think and believe they are owed the lowest prices possible – and the best service possible. Fine and dandy, until reality sets in. Businesses competing on price AND trying to give the best service in the world are constantly struggling to stay afloat.


Because it is next to impossible to be BOTH low priced and high service.

So, what can you do in your field if this is being asked of you?

You can revolt!

Do not compete on price – compete on being the best service provider and the best marketer. Bring bundles to the marketplace they can not find elsewhere … package and price your offers so your competitors do not know what in the heck you are doing. And give away FREE information to help them make a decent buying decision. I work in the direct response marketing field and long copy sales letters are our most powerful tool.

And people will fight me tooth and nail over the use of them …

"Nobody will ready that"
"My business / customers are different …"
"That will not work in my industry"

All typical EXCUSES made by the business owners to avoid trying something that has been proven to work for a hundred YEARS,

Use long copy sales letters and special reports to educate your clients and prospects why you REFUSE to fall for the Walmart mentality and abuse. Tell them what is in it for them to pay a higher price – and get a much higher standard of service. And never let them run over you. YOU CAN FIRE YOUR CUSTOMERS!

Tell them never to come back if they will not fit into the model you use … and find customers that do appreciate VALUE – not lowest price.

There are some real monsters out there – make sure they are not in your client list – and if they are – fire them.

Source by Troy White

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