Major Workwear Brands Compared To One Another In Six Key Workwear Areas

So you use workwear? Maybe you're the person responsible for the firm's new purchases of workwear stock? So what do you look for from the garments and the brands available? First off, we need to identify the main components that you, the user and you, the buyer must consider. We have to look at; Durability, safety, warmth, comfort, innovations and price. In this article we will look at 3 major brands, Snickers, Dickies and Mascot Workwear.

1. Durability:

Many brands claim to have excellent durability or performance and it's not until used or indeed tested, in the field that one finds the extent of these of used claims. Snickers have a reputation built upon multinational success on excellence in their garments, derived from a desire to innovate. Their products are durable as you would expect, they use new technologies in fabrics and outer covers but there is a cost, which we will cover in the price section. Dickies have built a reputation since 1922 from all fields that use workwear. They have crossed boundaries in different fields to bring new innovations and designs that meet all the standards. Dickies are both durable and reliable. Mascot pride themselves not only with the slogan "tested to work" but because it is actually true. Mascot have rigorously tested all their products to meet and exceed ISO 9001-2008 standards. Meaning you get what you pay for; Real performance.

You can find boots and trouser from other brands that are cheaper but fail at the first hurdle. Which means at least more replacements (increased costs) if not more accidents at the workplace (law suits and compensation claims). This should be a major consideration for all businesses and end users.

2. Safety:

All Garments that are classed as workwear should adhere to all the regulations set forward by the governing body of your territory so, for the UK ISO 9001-2008 Standard is used. Snickers Dickies and Mascot all meet these standards with all their garments. The important factor in safety is the marriage between safety and performance. There is nothing worse than having a heavy-duty safety wear that affects the workers ability to perform their tasks that some brands insist upon, as though there is no other way. (Assuming you are not trying to smelt iron in a T-shirt). All three brands perform well in this area but I do have to make one known opinion known here, Mascot workwear excels in their ability to be both compliant and not restrict the performance of their workwear at the cost of safety.

There are other brands and competitors that insist on stringent rules that they themselves implement not because the regulations mandate it but because they do not have the technical variety and expertise to create solutions to everyday concerns. One major consideration is that, the safety is met but that productivity is not affected.

3. Warmth:

Now we all have been there, in civil life as well as work, when what we are wearing has not been fit for the task ahead. Snickers have met this challenge head on with an impressive range of winter and weatherproof garments, that meets all expectations again again there is a cost. The garments are very expensive and if you were buying hundreds for your staff that would definitely hit the bottom line. As one off's they are excellent performers. In my opinion there are other brands that do the job just as well but have a more economically viable pricing structure. Dickies have a decent selection but I find that while the jackets in particular perform well there is room for improvement. This may seem like a criticism, I just feel if I was working outside, I would like more innovations in the materials used in Dickies jackets. They use natural fibers and have used synthetics well but in my opinion they have some way to go to match Snickers and Mascot in terms of multi layers and insulation. Mascot workwear has for years been known as "the one with the bear" which represents strength and warmth. The new materials as well as traditional ones have been used by Mascot to great effect to create weatherproof and water proof garments that stand up to the wonderful European climate and further afield.

If you do a quick search against competitors you will find alternatives as previously discussed but what is the cost to you in the purchasing dept? No one wants to restock and no one wants disgruntled workers. The major consideration is performance again as well as price, which means in my opinion Mascot wins this round.

4. Comfort:

As many of you would know that walking let alone working in, let's face it crap boots and garments is a pain in whatever body part you care to nominate. Snickers have long since shown innovation of their garments, from the very beginning with founder, Matti Viio wanting more from his workwear than what was being offered. He designed his own garments for the everyday worker and that methodology has been carried forward ever since. Comfort and functionality is a key strength of Snickers.

Dickies have made improvements through their ranges to make them more comfortable, whether it is using more natural fibers for skin to fabric contact or the additional fabrics added to garments to make movement easier and their garments more flexible. Mascot has also listened to the end users with regards to various demands and varying needs of the Mascot boots and Workwear. There is continuous testing and innovations in the way the boots and workwear hold up to the different tasks and needs of many different job roles. So, in very real terms the shoe does fit.

Comfort is very important to maintaining a strong productive work and should not be undervalued when choosing your workwear range. All three brands meet the usual expectations with comfort. This area really goes to the heart of personal choice and taste.

5. Innovations:

What makes great workwear garment? This is expansive and subjective, but a very simple quality is always prevalent, innovation. How can you make a heavy-duty jacket light enough for anyone to wear without compromising on safety? New technologies, investment in new fabric and testing these are key points to building a workwear brands success.

Snickers have innovated from the very beginning, its origins begin in Sweden in 1975. Snickers brand was born out of frustration which lead to innovation. The founder Matti Viio was unimpressed with the large unchartered workwear range from the 19th century and decided one day, to design and make his own workwear. Thus Snickers was initiated, they have not looked back since. Their range is very impressive in both styles and quality but again I am drawn to the prices. Even with bulk orders the price could be a barrier for a lot of companies. The ranges are priced in hundreds of Euros for weather proof garments. I believe the same quality can be found without having to pay what I consider a premium for a name.

Dickies since 1922 have created a wide range of products that have actually crossed markets into leisure wear. During the early 1990's the American youth grabbed hold of Dickies garments and used them for day to day wear and fashion statements. Adoption by many bands and performers have propelled the brand into a new revenue stream. This has meant a very wide range of garments available for selection for use at work or at play.

Mascot has a laboratory dedicated to blending unique styles with cutting edge materials that add additional value to all their workwear. Innovation is at the forefront of all new ranges because Mascot pride themselves in listening to people like you, the workers and everyday users of the mascot workwear garments.Again you get what you pay for and the real value is the no compromise in quality, the Great reputation and the guarantee that all garments have been tested to work.

All three brands score high marks for innovation however the technologies that Mascot have pioneered come out on top in my opinion. The fact that Mascot Workwear has blended man-made fibers with polymers to create stronger, harder wearing garments that are both light weight and warm, stands head and shoulders above most brands you would care to compare them to.

6. Price:

The crunch time section, no matter how well garments perform it all boils down to cost. As workwear experts it is our responsibility to match performance to expectations. This means that some brands are more viable than others. Snickers perform well, even beyond expectations in the above areas but as I have stated there is a cost, which just happens to be the price of the workwear garments. Very, very good products but if you were buying dozens or hundreds then you better have deep pockets. I would recommend them for one off's without you find a great deal elsewhere. Dickies have excellent ranges and are priced reasonably well within the market place. I still feel there is room for improvement with some of their winter or weatherproof garments that they priced well for the ranges available Mascot Workwear has a great range and excels in all the above areas and if I was comparing pound for pound Mascot just about walk away With the prize.

Always, always consider the true price of workwear purchasing. One off's can be all about the price but repetitive purchases are always about the reliability and performance and over any given time line, not only save money but increase productivity. It all counts toward the bottom line.

Source by Grant D Martin

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