Lose Weight the Fastest Way!

If there is one thing i hear over and over it’s this, describe the fastest way to lose weight. Whenver that one passes by me, I do my best to answer it, but honestly people generally already have that answer. They just want someone to tell them the super secret magic wand waving answer that no one else knows that will magically disappear all your weight a’la Harry Potter style!

The simple fact is if you think about it, you have heard the answer many times, diet and exercise is all that fits the bill. Don’t question it, don’t look any further, this is the right answer in fact it’s the only answer. The fastest way to lose weight, is indeed diet and exercise. You may think it’s tough or somehow labor intensive, but it doesn’t have to be, in either case, it’s the best and only real way.

It is not as tough as it may at first seem! Take dieting, for instance; simply start by counting your calories, using that you can remove or change things things in the food you eat right now in order to make yourself a healthier diet! Simple as pie! Don’t go to extremes, keep eating! you will need that energy to exercise, eat your favorite foods even! Just watch your portions and calories, it can be fun and simple to whip up a change to your lifestyle you can live with!

Don’t be fooled either, losing weight is not anything less than an entire lifestyle change. In fact you’ll find it comes quite naturally though, as you lose weight, and become more fit, you’ll have more energy, and feel a lot better! Keep in mind habits. It takes 28 days to start a habit, and once something is a habit, you know it’s hard to break! (just like eating those twinkies before bed every nite!) All you have to do after that is find a great exercise program and do the exact same thing! What could be easier?

As far as exercise programs go, what is the best kind? Keep yourself to a choice of workouts that include intense sweat making full body workouts! Don’t target a single area, you didn’t decide where the fat should get put onyour body in the first place, your body wont allow you to pick and choose where to take it off of either. So for sure keep to a workout that gets every part of your body, and let your body do the work of burning the fat right off!

To finish up here, i’ve included some tips that will get you on the right track with your exercises and dieting. I’ve tried to give you some ideas and help you add to your program to get yourself off to a great start!

  • Stay wet: Make sure you are drinking enough water to keep yourself hydrated, be sure at least 8 glasses go in your body a day.
  • More Meals Is Better: having snacks throughout the day help to keep your energy up and make sure you don’t have to eat huge portions every meal.
  • Workout with weight: When you workout, do some bodybuilding with weight. This will ensure you get an intense workout and will help burn off the fat faster.
  • Check your labels: Food you eat should all have those health labels, learn to read them and do so before buying anything you see on the shelf.
  • Write it down: Write down everything you’re stickin in your gullet, and goggle at the wonderful nutrients you are missing out on!
  • Stay Positive: Some things work better for some people, this is why there are not magic cures for obesity. If you find something is not working the way you want, find something else! Feel free to include your doctor, they are very helpful when it comes to things of this nature!

Source by Jason Langlois

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