Learn How To Write Non-Profit Grant Proposals Like A Rock Star!

Non-profit grant writing is a great way to promote your non-profit organization and raise more money for your mission. There are many sources for non-proft proposal writing help, including websites, online courses and downloadable ebooks. Learn how to write non-profit grant proposals like a rock star and turn your board of directors into a band of groupies! Be the hero of your agency by learning a few simple steps!

In order to learn non-profit grant writing and raise money like a rock star you must do a fair amount of research and information gathering. Most grant makers have websites where you can easily locate their funding criteria and application. This is an important first step on your way to success. For now, disregard those foundations that do not accept unsolicited proposals.

Action Step: Locate at least five small to mid-size foundations to submit your grant to.

Tip: The Foundation Center in New York is a great resource for locating grants.

Your next step to learning proposal writing is to consider taking an online course. An online grant writing course can provide the instant guidance you need if you are a new, or aspiring non-profit professional. You may be volunte to live in an area that has a community foundation, or a local college that offers a non-profit grant writing course. While this is a great option in the long run, if you are under the wire to make a deadline, or your Executive Director wants this done by the end of the week, this option may not be ideal for you right now.

Action Step: Locate at least three resources for learning grant writing online.

Tip: Check your local community college for classes in non-profit grant writing.

The next step in your journey to become a rock star non-profit grant writer is to get your hands on a good downloadable eBook on grant writing. While there are quite a few resources to choose from, selecting the right one will have you instantly writing and on your way. Your first goal on your way to stardom is to simply get your first grant written and submitted. Once you get your first award letter sent to your Executive Director or Board of Directors, you may find that you have discovered a whole new career.

Action Step: Locate a great downloadable eBook that starts you writing your non-profit grant today.

Tip : Download a reputable eBook so you can start writing and filling in non-proft grant templates today, and have your grant proposal submitted by the end of the week.

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