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When you bought your laptop from the retailer or at the store, it most probably came with a typical nondescript black bag that's all pockets and functionality – the same as everyone else's. But just because it's the bag that came with your laptop does not mean you have to be stuck with it forever. Express yourself and show a little of your individuality with a new and more stylish laptop bag.

Beyond Basic Black

Even if you're the kind of person who likes everything in a generic, unisex, all-occasion black color, you'll have to admit that it gets somber and boring after a while. It's a good thing that bag manufacturers both new and established have churned out a lot of stylish, modern laptop bags in the past few years. More and more people are opening their eyes and their color palette to the countless possibilities that are out there.

You might be apprehensive about getting laptop bags with bright colors or eye-catching designs because you're afraid that people at the office will not appreciate it. But styled laptop bags have evolved from a mere fad into a new norm, and everyone from the new secretary to the CEO probably has at least one. It's now something you'll see in just about any and every office you visit.

It's not just the ladies who are in on the trend, either. There's now a very wide selection of laptop bags in masculine designs that has men reaching out to grab more fashionable bags too. Male or female, young or old, there's something out there for everyone.

Laptop Bag Essentials

Going down to brass tacks, just about anything can become your next laptop bag. Whether it's a rugged-looking daypack from the sports store or a dainty designer tote, a bag can safely carry your laptop as long as it has a few basic features.

Padding is the first thing you should consider when looking for a new laptop bag. Your precious laptop needs protection from the bumps and bruises of your daily commute, and a layer of foam or padding should cushion it against impact. Without the bag you want has at least some padding, it will not be any good as a bag to carry your laptop.

The material is also another important factor you should think about. The bag has to be made from a tough, durable material. Although it's not really necessary, a fabric or material that's waterproof is always a plus because it'll do a better job at keeping your laptop away from water, which can severely damage your laptop unit.

Last but definitely not the least is weight. This is especially important if you're a student or a mobile professional who has to consistently bring a laptop around everywhere. The typical laptop can weigh as much as 3 kg, on top of all the accessories and peripherals you'll be bringing. Why get a hefty bag that will only add to that weight? Look for strong yet lightweight materials like polyester blends.

The good laptop bags are something you will have to find and spend for. Go for quality instead of just low prices. Remember, it's the only thing that stands between your laptop and all the damaged elements of the outside world.

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