Job Search Strategy For Job Seekers

There are numerous ways for you to find a job: search jobs online or off line, or take advantage of the social background of your parents. However, in a circumstance that the unemployment rate keeps on raising, what can you do to ensure yourself to find a job, a good job? Like commanding a war, you should have strategy in your job searching.

1. Ready at all times

If you are currently in a job searching time, shave yourself everyday and dress up when you go out. The most important thing is to take your last resume with you. Why? You never know when a job chance will come to knock at your door, and what you should do is to get ready at all times. Once it comes, you will not lose the chance because of your raunchy appearance.

2. Do not be shy

Grab every chance for you. Here is an example, one of my friends Jane had her breakfast out one day, and accidently she heard two men are talking about their employment planning of this year. Jane thought that it may be a chance for her, so she went to the next table, apologized and introduced herself to the two men. Guess what? She got that job lighter.

3. Be a referral

Ask your friends who already have a job to recommend you to people they know, and you can be a referral of the friend of a friend of your friend, and so on. This tip just extends six degrees of separation theory that two variables can be connected to each other through no more than 6 associated people. If you want to be acquaintance of one specific person, believe yourself, you can do it.

4. Networking

You may think that the aforementioned six degree of separation theory may be not that practical. Then take advantage of your networking. It may be your friends, your classmate, college teacher, former employers, relatives or neighbors. In a word, your network can be any acquaintance of yours. Tell them you are in job hunting and ask them to inform you if they get any job information.

5. Do what people tell you to

In a piece of job information, there may be some awkward questions and requirements. For example, some job seekers, especially newly graduated students, are unwilling to mention about their ideal salary when they are writing a job applying letter. However, what should you do if you are asked to tell your expected salary level before an interview chance is given? My suggestion is tell the truth. And the more important thing is to tell the reason for you to charge for that salary as well and tell them that you worth that price.

Source by Gillian Smith

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