Job Market Challenges – Empowering People to Change

Do you hear what I hear? The sounds of the masses panicking over the DOW dropping and slowly accepting defeat by rolling over and playing dead. The media loves nothing more than to pump us up with this negativity; to fuel the fire. Everywhere you turn it seems like someone is spewing myths of doomsday, and one can’t help feeling overwhelmed and challenged. Layoff and unemployment rates seem to be going up and up, and many are beginning to wonder “Why Me”.

With the job market being so competitive due to a lack of available jobs, and recruiters seeming to collect resumes as a hobby rather than actually get you a job, it’s easy to feel victimized by the system. Everyone is facing challenges right now, but the only way to overcome these challenges is by having the right mindset. Everyone needs to learn to face these challenges head on. We need to learn to empower ourselves to change or empower ourselves to MAKE a change.

Rather than think of challenges as horrible incidents that HAPPEN to us, we need to think of them as hurdles that we must jump in order to build strength of character and grow as a human being. It’s easy to say things like “I’m facing this challenge because of the government, not because someone wants me to grow”, but the truth is that we all make our own success and our own failures. We are responsible for 99% of what happens to us, and if we face a challenge, it is because of a decision we made that did not work out just right. It’s time you empower yourself to stand up and say, “This situation sucks, but I’m taking charge. I’m going to MAKE my success. I’m going to MAKE myself happy.”

Face the challenges head on. Face your fears. If you do, you will see such massive growth in yourself that it will radiate to all other areas of your life, because you will have learned a great lesson. Even though we cannot control what happens in our day to day lives, we CAN control how we handle the situation. We can empower ourselves to MAKE our own “luck” by hard work and dedication. We can empower ourselves to MAKE to change if we don’t like where our life is headed right now. No one gets a free lunch in this world. No one got where they were by just being “lucky”. Once you realize that you’re not a victim just because you weren’t one of the “lucky” ones, you will rise above.

Having the right mindset will get you far. If you take the bull by the horns, run with the situation and make the best of it, success will come your way. Instead of moping about not having a job, go out there every single day and make it happen. Call up every company that turned you away and sell them on why they need you. Don’t take no for an answer, and don’t stop there. Remember that job that you wanted so bad, but thought you could never get because it was out of your league? Apply to it! Envision yourself getting that job, and depositing that first paycheck. Empower yourself to believe that you can make a change, and maybe, just maybe, YOU can empower people to change.

Source by Donald Tee Carson

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