How to Settle Disputes Selling on eBay

While it is true that your online eBay business is a great way to join the ranks of entrepreneurs and become your own boss, it does not mean that every thing from here on out will go smoothly, or that you will never have to deal with belligerence Or confrontation again. In fact, because of the very nature of the eBay online business model, there is a good chance that many of your customers will be doubly rude and aggressive, because of the Internet's pecanant for bringing out the worst in some people. So here is an easy navigation guide to get through the bottom dwellers of the Internet, and to help you settle your disputes with customers in a clear, easy pain free fashion.

Although it is easier to make sure every aspect of a potential dispute is document because your business operations exist almost entirely online, be sure to never delete any private email between you and the customer, print every thing out so so you have hard copy back ups , And be sure that you have every piece of the trail documented in writing. When it comes to a dispute, it only matters what you or the customer can prove.

Even if the customer gets irate and launches into personal attacks upon you, do not rise to the anger. It is crucial for you, as the proprietor of a reputable business, to maintain a professional demeanor at all times, in all situations. Since most any interaction with the customer is likely to be in writing through online platforms, use this as an opportunity to calm down before you respond. This is the greatest advantage to written communication, you do not have to respond when you angry or irate. Feel free to sleep on it if you need to, to make sure that your response to a customer's angry diatribe is calm, measured and professional.

Often, most disputes arise from miscommunication between what the customer expects to happen and what ends up happening. The easiest way to assuage this is to clearly explain, as many times as you need to, what your policies are regarding all aspects of your service, and the products you sell, and if this does not work, keep explaining it – as nicely As possible – until the customer understands it. Also, though, listen to the customer intentionally, for their problem may be legitimate, and understanding their point of view, and taking steps to correct it can help avoid similar problems in the future.

A good resource to consult when you have a dispute that seems impossible to resolve is to post on the eBay support forums, where other sellers and buyers can tailor your specific situation.

Sometimes it becomes clear that either you are at fault for a customer's genuine dispute with your service, or that a particular customer simply can not be assuaged by any means. In either of these instances, feel free to relent and, if warranted, refund the customer's money.

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