How to Organize a Speech – The Satisfaction Step

An essential part of any speech is the satisfaction step. This is the point during your speech when you give your audience the solution to their pain.

During the satisfaction step, you want to provide a number of solutions to the problems that you outlined in when you were reminding your audience of their pain. Only 1 of the solutions should be to hire you or buy your stuff.

The purpose of your speech, is to get people to want more from you. You want to help people as much as you can when you deliver your speech. Give people actionable information, tell them the what, the why and even the how.

If you’re worried about giving people the how, I can assure that it is not possible for you to give away all of your trade secrets in an hour or less. Give people something that they can use.

Not everyone will be prepared to take you up on whatever it is that you’re selling. There are many reasons for this, they may not be ready to buy and just need a little bit more, or maybe they just don’t have the financial resources to buy what you’re offering.

Regardless of the reason why they won’t or don’t buy from you right then and there, you want people to walk away from your presentation wanting more and feeling good that they listened to you. You want them to feel like they got a lot of actionable content from you and since you never know who is in the audience, you may get invited to speak at larger events where you’ll have the opportunity to deliver your message to more people.

Source by Rafael Marquez

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