How Do You Get It In The Whisper?

Oprah Winfrey speaks of the universe sending us whispers. Listening to our inner instincts if you will. If you do not get it in the whisper then be ready for the pebble, brick, brick wall, house to come crashing in a storm so best to catch it in the whisper.

But how often do we stop to listen to those whispers? Some think women are more attune calling it woman's intuition. I do not think women have exclusive rights to an inner voice, do you?

How often have you heard whispers and failed to act because of fear? Fear of failure or even fear of success. Living in a comfort zone is just that a comfort. Break on through to the other side, take the road less travel, listen to the whisper and take note of the difference.

I have seen many opportunities on and offline. I tend to stick with those that offer a product or service that I need and / or want. Loud, hyped up programs gain my fleeting attention. I do believe in multiple streams of income and turning products I need into forms of income is simply the easiest way to do that. I use advertising and tools that also have side benefits and earnings.

When I first started online I used a hosting company that included a drag and drop webpage builder. It was great for my needs at the time but shortly after I was looking for something more professional. I was referred to a great hosting company. The monthly purchase of hosting came with a simple residual program for referring others. It came without hype. It came with a president of the company who was very much involved with the success of his customers and fellow customers dedicated to helping each other.

It has been a few years now since I have used their hosting service and more. They have since added a web conference tool of which I was involved in beta testing. Each of these programs has to this day paid me monthly – on time. I am glad I heard that whisper when I was quietly given without hype nor promises.

Another whisper came later when I was in need of natural supplements to combat sinusitis and my partner George needed help with gastrointestinal problems. The company does not offer any "one shot wonders" but a selection of guaranteed pure herbs and herbal combinations – over 400 of them. They have over 35 years doing that ever since the founder started encapsulating cayenne pepper in his kitchen to facilitate an easier consumption for his stomach condition.

My niece and sister-in-law had been members of this nutritional company to supplement their nutritional needs. I realized I could get my supplements at member cost if I ordered 40 dollars or more at member cost. (Later found out if I had ordered 100. or more would have received 10% back too.) This ($ 40 or more at member cost) would automatically qualify me as a member if I chose that option when checking out. I had a lot of commitments at the time and did not really think I would have time dedicate referring others. Well, without thinking and while doing other things this little whisper has been paying monthly – on time.

I just received another whisper about a few weeks ago. You must understand I am utterly crazy about reading. Must be why I am so drawn to the content driven machine that is the internet. A new member at Adland invited me to become a friend and because I felt overly busy — remember I like multiple streams of income from products I need / want – I took notice of a link on her profile. Well long story short I saw a presentation that whispered to me …

Now you also must understand I believe in empowering, enlightening and enriching my life and the life of others so when I saw this presentation and heard the whisper my next step was action. Today I listened to a teleconference with the founding authors and it was like no other teleconference I had attended. It left me feeling empowered, enlightened and enriched – not hyped.

You must listen to your own whispers.

There are many great opportunities out there and that is wonderful. We are all different and responsive to different whispers in our personal, spiritual and financial lives. Although we tend to want to go with the herd like the buffalo in the new Alamo commercial – choose to "get it in the whisper" and do what your inner voice tells you is right. You can do it – You can Shine Your Star!

Source by Marie Gervacio

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