Get Paid Online to Advertise – 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have asked the question” how can I get paid online to do… anything?” Now that is a pretty broad statement. Most people know that there is money to be made on the internet they just don’t know where.

But what do I do?

So what can you get paid for? You can get paid online to do many things, but the only FREE way is to write articles. The last thing you want is to spend money when you don’t know what you’re doing. Especially for someone new to internet marketing, article marketing is the smartest choice, and a great way to learn techniques without spending a dime.

So how do I get involved?

What you have to do is become an “affiliate”. An affiliate is someone who gets paid online to sell other people’s products. You get links to sales pages and drive traffic, and hopefully sales, to products. You can sell physical products, or digital products like e-books or blueprints to all sorts of things.

Where do I find these products?

If you know what you want to sell, you can just type that product into a search engine and see if the companies that sell those products have affiliate products. That is how you get paid online to advertise. You join the affiliate programs and get links, articles, and banners to advertise the product.

Does it Cost Me Anything?

Article marketing, is a great way to get paid online to advertise; because it costs you absolutely nothing. You write articles on products, or reviews on products, or how-to’s on products. You post your link in the article and then people click through to the product. That being said, you can’t just write articles and submit them. Well, you CAN, but it won’t get you ANY sales. There is a process to writing successful articles and submitting them to the right places that greatly increase sales and profitability of a campaign.

Where Do I Submit These Articles?

There are a ton of online directories you can submit to, you have to be careful though, there are a lot of ins and outs to article marketing. Like anything else, there is a smart and proven way to advertise using articles. To really get paid online to advertise you need to learn to earn.

Source by Jeff Q Randall

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