Fundamentals Of SELLING A House

If selling one’s home was a straight – forward, simple, uncomplicated, easy task, there would be no reason for real estate professionals, to assist, represent, and serve your needs. There are, however, so many variables, etc, most homeowners will discover, the process works best, when they use a professional, and hire the agent, best suited to their specific needs, and house. While every process is somewhat different, and often unique, I believe, it might simplify everyone’s understanding, is I dedicated an article to some of the fundamentals of SELLING a house. Some of these are based on my personal experiences, not only from buying and selling my own homes and properties, but, also, from over a decade of representing and serving clients and customers, as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, in the State of New York.

1. Strength; service; selling price: Select an agent who puts service and dedication to his clients, first! This individual will hopefully follow something similar to my trademarked slogan, I will always tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear (TM). Agents must be prepared, and show their strength, not simply by giving a good presentation, or charming someone, but by handling adversities and/ or challenges, which might arise! Choose someone who helps you determine your listing price, and explains his rationale carefully, so you fully understand, setting a high listing price is not going to get a higher selling point, but may, indeed, have quite the opposite effect. Price it right, from the start!

2. Excellence; empathy; exterior: Everything has some impact on a potential buyer, so seek excellence, regularly! Both, the agent must have empathy for his client, and a seller should appreciate and empathize, with what the potential buyer, is going through! Remember, the all – important, curb appeal, and address any exterior issues, which may become negatives!

3. Listen; leads: The homeowner should listen to what his agent says and recommends, because, otherwise, why did you choose that individual? The agent should effectively listen to the seller, as well as potential buyers. Often, the determining factor, is how one follows – up, on leads.

4. Learn; living: How quickly both the agent and client learn, and understand, what potential buyers are saying, and adapt appropriately, often is paramount! While Realtors earn their living by selling houses, understand, a buyer’s perception, of whether, they’d enjoy living in your home, is an important factor!

5. Imagination; integrity; interest: Because few peoples can truly appreciate the bones of a house, and are influenced by what’s apparent, don’t assume others will have the imagination, to see how wonderful your house is! That’s why staging a house, often makes a significant difference! It enhances interest in your property, because it clarifies, what could be! You need a professional, with the integrity, to not merely compliment you, but to frankly tell you the real facts!

6. Nuances; notice; needs: What touches might your property need, to better position it, in the market? Are there specific nuances, which should be highlighted and emphasized? How will you get it better noticed, in an often – competitive marketplace?

7. Generate goodwill; greenery; goals: A few little touches, like some lovely plants and flowers, strategically placed, inside and outside, might help! How can you better generate goodwill, in order to make your home, feel more comfortable to viewers? Focus on your goals, and don’t get distracted!

Obviously, this list barely touches the surface, in terms of fundamentals of SELLING a house. However, you have to start somewhere!

Source by Richard Brody

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