Excelling in Giving Good Customer Service

Top customer service tips

Many of us experience bad customer service; It can seem like that is all we ever get. Maybe it is because we have high standards, or if we're honest, maybe it's because we do not always like like reasonable human beings when something goes wrong with a service or product. But of course, this does not mean that any company can get away with not improving their customer service.

There is always much to do to boost the customer experience. Handling difficult situations calmly and not reacting to aggressive, seemingly trivial complaints with anger and frustration are the main two ways that staff can help to maintain good relationships and ensure their employers do not lose business.

Good customer service rules are not difficult to follow, but it can be difficult to maintain high levels, especially when faced with irate customers. We have some top customer service tips that all staff should be taught when they start their job, and then reminded of them regularly. And they do not just apply to those in retail or direct contact with customers. Good customer service techniques can be applied to colleagues, clients, bosses and contractors to ensure all working relationships remain pleasant and successful.

1. Smile! Always greet people with a smile, whether face-to-face or over the phone. Even if they can not see you they will pick up the expression in your voice.

2. Greet people appropriately – avoid addressing customers as "guys" or saying "hey" instead of "hello".

3. Be proactive and stay visible. Do ask people if you can help, but do not hover around them or hassle them. Try to read body language so you can tell if they need assistance or want to be left alone to browse.

4. Do not avoid customers! Even if they look like they are about to complain – deal with it.

5. Customers who are physically present have priority over phone calls. Callers can leave message.

6. Do not judge a book by its cover. All customers should be treated equally, regardless of appearance.

7. Do not eat or drink on the shop floor, or stand around talking to colleagues about last night's antics. All personal calls and conversations should have been made at break time.

8. "I do not know" is only an acceptable answer if followed with "but I will find out for you". This also means that if you have to check stock to find a customer what they want; Do so.

9. If a customer is being chatty in a friendly way and you have a queue forming, aim to finish up the conversation quickly and politely.

10. Be discrete if a credit card is declined and do not judge – it has happened to us all.

11. Never talk about customers on the shop floor – people will wonder what you will say about them. It is unprofessional.

12. As you fold and put products in the bag check that you have removed the security tag and keep an eye out for any defects. Ensure everything they paid for is in the bag.

13. Smile and say goodbye.

Source by Richard John Cowell

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