Create Rock Star Content

You really need to understand why this is so critical to growing your business and being successful.

Your content will attract your ideal customer. Start thinking about whether or not your ideal customer wants to see your office party or your two year old eating cheerios. (I’m sure your child is cute, but how is it relevant to your business?)

How do those pictures connect to the story that you are telling?

The truth is these pictures aren’t going to attract clients. In fact, it’s going to turn people off.

You need to post content that inspires a passerby to want to stop.

Think of your social media page as your store front window. Just like when you walk by an amazing French bakery and you see all those beautiful macaroons. It makes you want to walk in and pick up a few, maybe have a glass of rose and bring your BFF.

Your social media page needs to create the same emotions in your potential customer/followers.

Creating stellar content also primes the viewer for purchasing. Think about how the visuals on your page would entice someone to buy. If you are trying to sell a product and the background is showing a messy living room, that is your show room. A customer does not want to see your messy living room. It is not going to spark someone to buy. If you had a physical store, would you allow the showroom to have your laundry in it? Of course not! Clean up those pictures! Create a space that you use for picture taking.

We are a visual society. This is why Instagram and Snapchat are blowing up. We love beautifully crafted visuals that tell us a story.

Now go to your social media page and look at it objectively. What story would someone take from your page if they didn’t know you? If you need help ask a friend for feedback. Or hire a social media manager.

Is it the story that you want your business to tell? If it’s not, then you need to do some work.

Once you are done analyzing your page, go in and clean up all the visuals that detract from your ideal story.

This might be tough for you, but it has to happen. Remember you want to be successful.

I believe in you, you believe in you!

Stick to your story.

Source by Rebekah Cockrell

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