Carpet Cleaning Tips For Drawing Deep Settled Sediments

Mastering some basic, yet effective, carpet cleaning tips is one of the best ways to preserve your investment in your home. If you’ve had to replace carpet recently, you’ll know just how expensive it is. I want to share some of my best carpet cleaning tips to help you stack the deck. You can keep your carpet really clean and looking new for a long, long time. As you are surely aware, vacuuming is just the very tip of the iceberg, and that may not gain you much ground depending on the unit you have.

Even though vacuuming is not the total story, it is an important first step. And one of my first carpet cleaning tips is simply to make sure you are vacuuming often enough. Over time, dirt and debris not only gets on the carpet, but also finds its way down in the carpet. Vacuuming the stuff that’s on the carpet is pretty easy. Pulling the dirt that’s now down in the carpet will really depend on the quality of machine you have.

Even if your vacuum is pretty weak, one trick is to simply vacuum frequently before it has a chance to settle down. Some people actually vacuum daily. And if you have children, that might not be overkill. But, if that’s unrealistic, you at least want to hit the heavy traffic areas a few times a week. Another of my carpet cleaning tips is to be sure you take your time and really idle over these areas. If you’re like me, you’ve realized that if you camp out on a heavily traveled area with repeat swipes, you cleaner has a chance to draw the settled sediments out from the depths.

The next in my series of carpet cleaning tips has to do with steam cleaning or shampooing. Shampoo is used, as it is when we wash our hair, to loosen the dirt and separate is from the fibers so we can clean deeply. Some people like to steam clean their carpet. In that instance, you’ll use a liquid to draw the dirt to the surface where it can be removed. Either of these will work, and it should be a regular part of your regimen.

All of these after-the-fact carpet cleaning tips, of course, should be preceded by proper care on the front end. One of the biggest issues you’ll have to learn to tackle effectively is the would-be stain. Letting a spill sit is just asking for a stain that’s hard to remove. That leads to really rubbing at your carpet, which weakens the fibers. So, having a good cleaner on hand to extract and absorb the stain is best. In reality, club soda is one of the best tools you can use. Alternately, a lot of people will use baking soda. Both baking soda and corn starch can be used to help pull oil out of the carpet. And, while we’re on household goods, note that vinegar can be used on all sorts of food stains, like coffee and even chocolate.

We can back up yet another step in our carpet cleaning tips. While it’s good to know how to handle a spill that is setting in, we can also look at ways to help keep dirt from really making acquaintance with your carpet in the first place. A simple approach is to have a policy that shoes are removed in the house. If that seems tough to implement, just have a “mud room,” where it will become a habit, if not fashionable, to stop by and kick off your shoes. And, if nothing else, have a really good, high quality door mat that will aggressively brush the bottoms of shoes. If you live in the country, this is my frontline of all carpet cleaning tips.

Source by Kirsten Deverall

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