Buy or Lease? Investing in Restaurant Equipment

Owning your own food business, there is unquestionably the need for first-rate restaurant equipment and supplies. As a business owner and entrepreneur, you are required to make the choice to either lease or buy the necessary restaurant equipment. Although numerous business owners initially make a decision to lease quality equipment, veteran restaurant owners recognize the benefits of purchasing their equipment, even though it requires a preliminary out-of-pocket investment. You need to use your best judgment for your restaurant's potential and profits and be aware of the benefits of buying your equipment.

Each and every restaurant owner wants to invest in restaurant equipment and supplies in the most lucrative way. Of course, the desire for most restaurant owners is to invest as little money as possible for the largest gains. Although it may appear reasonable to lease equipment since you do not have to provide a large amount of money up front, you might in fact be economically damaging your business in due course. If you lease equipment, you will be required to pay a monthly rate based on a period of 6 to 12 months, which ends up costing far more over time. Should you have a contract for a year, it will be mandatory to maintain the equipment for a year. If your business does not succeed or it relocates, it can become increasingly expensive if you are breaking contracts.

If you purchase your own equipment it means you are the owner and you only have to answer to yourself if it breaks or malfunctions. However, sometimes when you purchase your own equipment, you may have the option to obtain a warranty with your purchase, thenby ensuring your investment's reliability should break it down. You could be legally responsible for thousands of dollars of damage when you are leasing equipment, and breakdown occurs even though you may have not been responsible. Leasing companies to make additional profit, will often try to oversell you on equipment. Once you decide to buy your own equipment, you know how much you have budgeted to spend and exactly what is needed. A shrewd business owner will prevent needless contracts and lease costs by making the initial investment at the very beginning, thus ensuring your establishments assets to be your own, and thenby eliminating the need for unnecessary expenses, even though the initial costs are seemingly high. Consider your options for success and make the right decision.

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