Business Travel in a Mobile Command Center – Changing the Oil

If you are a road warrior type you might try doing your business travel in a corporate command center, that's what I did. But before you do, you need to set up a routine maintenance schedule which is not always easy considering the blistering pace of today's entrepreneur. For instance, just changing your oil can be a time consuming experience, but you better or your office on wheels will turn into an office on the side of the road one day in the middle of Nowheresville!

Trying to get your business traveling motor coach into the shop for something like an oil change is not always easy. Worse, many oil and lube centers do not have the space to take super-large vehicles. Even if you go to a truck-stop, often they look at you funny, and they are not really interested, you see, to them, it's not a truck, it's just a big car with a pain in the butt owner who wants everything Perfect because they think it is their home.

The reality is, a motor coach is a home or in this case a business office, and you need respect, so, if you can not easily get that, then do-it-yourself. That's right change your own oil, it's not that hard. Below are some tips so you can get this done in house without outsourcing to stay on your busy business schedule;

1. Warm your motor up and run it for 10-15 minutes. You want to get the oil hot so that it easily flows out when you pull the plug.

2. Now then, get a large oil pan to put under your motor home, which has the proper capacity. Wal-Mart has nice plastic ones, which are not too expensive – get the largest size. Place this oil pan "directly" under the motor home's oil plug.

3. Remove the oil plug with a ratchet, I like to loosen it and then clamp a vice-grip to it for the final few turns to prevent the oil plug from dropping into the oil pan.

4. Remove the old oil filter.

5. Wait for all the oil to drain out, and then put the oil plug back in tight.

6. Put the new oil filter in place.

7. Put in the new oil in the top of the motor.

8. Start your motor home, and run it for 1-2 minutes and then turn it off.

9. Check the oil levels with the dip-stick to make sure it is at the proper level.

10. Properly dispose of the waste oil, and never pollute.

That's about it, so you see it is actually quite easy, and why is this easier than a car oil change? Simple, there is lots of space to slide underneath, as it really makes the job uneventful, and easy. Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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