Bookmarks Make Good Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts have been used as promotional items for many years now. They are given to clients in special occasions like their birthdays, company anniversaries, or as Christmas gifts.

They are also very used at trade shows or conferences to establish name recall to the potential customer long after the event has passed. Since the competition remains strong during these events, you have to be able to choose a usable giveaway that will attract attention.

Have you considered giving bookmarks as your corporate gift? It's the most practical and affordable item for mass giveaways. Beside, you can be more creative with them. Do not confine yourself to only paper or cardboard. You can use materials from wood, copper, aluminum, laminated leaves, ribbon, plastic, fiberglass, silk, leather, or textiles. In fact, any material can be used as long as it is thin enough so that it will not damage the pages of the book once it is inserted. You can even adorn it with angels, pictures, tassels or any other figurine that will depict your company's name or image.

Bookmarks have always been a necessity since the time that books were printed and distributed to the public. Even at a time when e-books are becoming more popular, there has never been any report of declination book sales. Just make sure that your bookmark is attractive enough so that when your client is not really inclined to reading, he / she can display it in their home or office for everyone to see.

Giving these handy items as a corporate gifts is even more necessary if the nature of your business is closely related to books, for example, if you are an author or publisher, or in the business of training, printing or the manufacturing of children's books.

Another advantage of them is that you have a lot of space to write not just your company name or brand, but you can also fit a little message as a food for thought. Maybe you can put some inspirational words, quotable quotes, or even your company's mission statement.

Promotional items that attract people and are highly usable to them will be treasured and kept. So the next time that your client will read a book, make sure that when they reach for a bookmark, the one that they will grab has your company name in it.

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