Best Jobs For Teens Under 16

Alright, you just turned 14 years old and you are looking to make some spending cash. The good news is that according to the federal government you are now old enough to start making your own spending cash. The first question is usually, where am allowed to get a job at 14 years old. The seond question is, where do i go to find out which companies will hire a 14 year old with no experience. And maybe most importantly what is the best job for teens under 16. Teens under 16 are limited in where they can work and the amount of hours they can work.

As the CEO of a teen jobs site, I have experience on both sides of the fence. I know the companies that want to hire 14 and 15 year olds and the companies that these teens want to work for. We have conducted extensive surveys and talked with a lot of teen job seekers and in our analysis there are three types of jobs that top the list. What we have found is that the most popular job for teens under 16 is working in the fast food industry.

The teens that we have spoken with enjoy the work, they like dealing with the public, they appreciate the development opportunities and they really like working with other teens. The fast food industry is also one of the top industries that hire teens under 16. The other two jobs that we recommend for young teens is working in supermarkets and in the restaurant/hospitality industry.

Source by Dan Keller

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