An Introduction To TypePad

TypePad is a blogging platform available in numerous countries and, thus, languages with its most prominent users being large organizations including media companies like MNSBC, ABC and BBC. These organizations use the platforms for hosting their respective weblogs.

In the United States, users can choose from three paid subscription categories, namely, Plus, Unlimited, and Premium. The services available include personal support, unlimited storage, domain mapping, fully customizable designs, and creation of unlimited blogs.

Such for-a-fee service differentiates TypePad from other blogging platforms, thus, its suitability for individuals and groups that are looking to be a cut above the horde in for-free blogging platforms. The services are based on the Movable Type platform sans the technical aspects of technology shared with Movable Type.

Linking with LinkedIn is also possible. Basically, the blog posts are pulled, so to speak, into the professional networking site.

There are several benefits to using TypePad even for non-business users including but not limited to:

• The simplicity of creating a blog is mostly unrivaled by competitors like WordPress. You can easily map your own domain, create your own content, and then establish your presence in the TypePad universe. There are no codes, among other technical stuff, to worry about.

• The blogs can be linked to your unique URL – and we strongly suggest that you do for SEO purposes. You will then be able to use several platforms at once while still preserving the permalinks on these sites. You are also building your brand in the competitive online market, which will be to your benefit.

• The excellent customer service of TypePad makes it well-loved among online business owners. You have full access to the tutorials to the platform’s knowledgebase, aside from the help ticket available to users where response from a customer service representative within 24 hours is guaranteed.

• The security features are also impressive, which is to be expected considering that TypePad recognizes the value of securing your content. Comment spamming is also limited.

It must be noted that the TypePad community is smaller compared to its competitors like WordPress mainly because of the fees involved. But such a small community means more familiarity with other users, which is beneficial when monitoring brand performance in the market.

The bottom line: TypePad provides for higher flexibility in a blogging platform sans the technical side but for a fee. Consider the advantages against the disadvantages wisely to make perfect decisions for your business.

Source by Bob Hamilton

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