All About the Best Coffee Machines

It is a well known fact today that everyone loves coffee, irrespective of wherever you get your coffee from. There are those who make their own coffee at home, and there are also those who buy their coffee from retailers like Starbucks. However, there is one significant thing about them all-they love coffee.

For quite some time, I had been tied down to my usual cup of coffee, until the day a friend introduced me to the flavored gourmet coffee, I felt like my whole world had changed. Since then, I have developed this trend of getting off at Adams, and heading to Palmer House for a cup of Hazelnut coffee.

This is how my love for coffee began and has grown to date. There is however this particular day when my manager told me she was going out for some cappuccino. That was a shocker for me since I never knew what on earth she was talking about. However, she went on ahead and explained it to me, even though she could tell I was not following, however eager I was to know.

My boss went ahead and made me follow her some blocks down to Gloria Jeans. Though the line was so long, we waited patiently for our turn, and she ordered 2 iced mochas and some whip cream toppings.

To date, I have never forgotten that experience since the whip cream was just amazing. From then I decided to teach myself how to make my own cappuccino at home, and with time I got the hang of it.

The first few tries were quite messy, but after a while I got used to it. I managed to buy the DeLonghi espresso maker and used it as I became better at the trade. It was not long before I realized that I actually saved a lot on my home cappuccino than spending at Gloria Jeans, and I really appreciate the espresso maker I have for that.

Source by Bridgett Smith

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