A Tribute to Barbaro

Good Morning. A somewhat somber Tuesday the day after the news that a fine racing legend was euthanized and will no longer be-able to fight to regain his once legendary stature. Barbaro the 132nd Kentucky Derby winner was put down Monday the 29th of January 8 months after his injury which happened after a few strides in the 2006 Preakness Stakes. The crushing of his back leg in the early moments of that race actually took a hero to many and crumbled him to the ground on which he played and ran circles around other horses before.

Barbaro will not soon nor ever be forgotten in the race halls of many thoroughbred stables. Nor will he to the thousands who followed his career as a fine race horse who wanted to win so bad that he ran on guts more then many will ever know. A quote by one sports writer mentioned "The guts carry the feet, not the feet the guts." Barbaro's guts carried his feet to victory after victory. But it killed his heart a lot farther. Each sport has their hall of fame, a tribute to those who once played the game, shared the agony of defeat or the joy and heart pounding thrill of victory. Barbaro's wins were that of a gallant competitor who won with pride but never belittle his opponent. Many sports heroes could not claim that stature.

Edgar Prado Barbaro's main Jockey and co-winner of the 132nd Kentucky Derby and 5 other stakes races in 2006 will certainly miss his partner. Unlike the Hollywood movie sets and films that make believe, and conjure up winners out of imaginations ran wild. Barbaro did not come back from a sure career if not life ending injury as did the Horse in Dreamer with Dakota Fanning. Barbaro's fight may be over but spirit will run on. Many who watched as I did in amazement will look for his predecessor to take the reigns and become the next new legend, but Barbaro will live on in race heaven. And race he will against many immortals that he himself followed in. It's sad yes, but Barbaro will no longer suffer in that ICU stall. He is scheduled to race again in horse heaven and against such legends as Secretariat, Seattle Slew and Citation. Those horses are legends as well as he himself became. He will be missed but not forgotten. Great race horses do not really die they race on in our minds. Race on Barbaro ….

The funny thing about Horse Racing is it's not about the money to me. It's about those 30 seconds, that one minute and that two minutes dash to the finish line. Each race is different and no two alike. Some may have the same winner and some may have the same loser. You may bet a lot or as little as one dollar but the price of admission does not tell the whole story these fine athletes end to become legends. Not all who race become a legend. It takes heart, determination and the unwillingness to give more then one has. Barbaro did just that.

Yes I love the race but, I love what happens in that track at that time and nothing more. If you have never seen a race up close and personal by being at one of the many great tracks around the world. Do yourself a favor and get right down to track level, view the horses up close … there is no bigger thrill to see 6 to 12 thoroughbreds prior to race spout off and show one another and their jockeys who is the best.

Sea Biscuit was one of those who over came a huge injury and the movie tells of the good part of horse racing and the bit part as well. See not everyone thinks of these animals as magnificent. Most think of them as a ride. That creature grazing in the fields or that thing the runs in circles in may and draws crowds from all over. One look into an eye of a thoroughbred and you will know … They do not just graze …

Have a wonderful Tuesday and my hat is off to Barbaro .. race on gallant champ race on …

Source by Martin Bell

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