3 Marketing Strategies to Double Sales That Can Be Done For Free

Marketing does not always have to cost money in order to be effective. When times get tough looking at additional methods and techniques to bring in sales leads is critical to the success of any business.

Let's look at 3 marketing strategies that can be done to generate leads for your business that cost you nothing. While cold calling can generate results I consider it more of a prospecting activity and as such will not be found on the list below.

These 3 marketing strategies can be put into place immediately to double your sales over the next 6 months.

· Providing interesting peaking questions to social networking sites such as Twitter. The questions should be directly related to your industry, the problems your prospects are facing, and intrigue your prospects to take action and desire to know the answer to your questions. By connecting Twitter to your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Plaxo account every question you request will be released across multiple networks.

· Conducting events on a weekly basis on topics of interest to your prospect list or social networking followers and fans. By providing your prospects with information that they can use to resolve their current problems, they will see you as more than just a salesperson and see you as a solution provider.

· Speaking at live seminars such as Chamber of Commerce meetings. This is a 1-to-many strategy that I recommend implementing. A 1-to-many strategy is where you can perform one activity and be in front of many prospects at the same time. This is highly leveraged for you and gives you additional exposure for your company and service at the same time.

For maximum impact each of these marketing strategies should be put into place one at a time. Each one should not take more than a week to put into place and will provide a constant and steady flow of leads for your business that you can turn into sales.

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Source by Todd T Bates

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